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Solar Water Heating at Facebook

The SunWater Solar crew has been hard at work this week launching construction of the Cogenra solar thermal/PV system we are installing on the fitness center at Facebook’s new campus in Menlo Park, Calif. This week SunWater Solar cut into the roof, lifted materials to the roof and began building out the blocking and sleepers that will support the solar system rack. Once the rack is complete, we’ll mount the Cogenra solar collector arms, collectors and mirrors, and begin connecting to the building’s existing water-heating and electrical systems.

Another exciting development at Facebook this week was the arrival onsite of the 760-gallon Trendsetter solar storage tank that will act as the “battery” for the solar water-heating system. This unpressurized, rectangular aluminum tank will reside in the ground-level mechanical room.

For solar thermal integrators, the start of any new commercial project is always exciting. All the preliminary work is complete, and the project has moved from the drawing board to the hands-on, boots-on-the-roof world of tools, materials and building. Furthermore, when companies of Facebook’s caliber adapt solar cogeneration technology, it helps prove the value of these systems to other organizations.

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